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Norway’s Reservoir Lakes – Batteries for Europe?

Norwegian’s energy storage facilities are mentioned in many German energy discussions as possible power storage for Germany, in order to buffer the fluctuating power input from sun and wind energy.  Let’s see whether this is really an option. Read more.

Storage Business Cases: Many Pitfalls, Rare Viability

Many people believe that most storage technologies are quite close to technical maturity and economic viability.  Yet there are quite a few fallacies between this belief and the successful implementation of storage-related business plans.  Read more.

Renewable energy and the physics of weather – And what we should learn from it

This is a presentation we gave at the Energy Analyst Meeting 2016 in Berlin.  This is an invitation-only conference for those who deal with energy as analysts.  In the presentation, some quantitative results are captured and analysed in depth.  Requires some, but not much mathematical understanding. Presentation.


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Will there ever be enough storage to go 100% renewable?

Jason Deign interviewed me at length and wrote a detailed article on the prospects of building a fully integrated renewable power production system that builds on wind power, solar energy and storage. Read more.

Why storage business cases depend on weather

Again an article by Jason Deign, who built on my research on energy storage for balancing weather-dependent power production and how it affects the business case for enterprises active in the storage field. Read more.